Values & Culture

Our vision is simple: to create a business where there is no likelihood of a serious accident.



We have evolved significantly over the past 25 years, but our values and approach remain the same: work collaboratively, raise the bar, do the right thing.

"Engaged, positive, proactive people, deliver superior customer service & excellent financial results."



Mount Anvil is committed to continuous improvement, and everyone has a part to play in making our vision a reality.

Mount Anvil is about world class Health & Safety. It is inherent in everything that we do, every decision we make - it is built into our culture and DNA.

History has shown us that despite great systems and procedures accidents can still occur, this is why behavioural safety and culture is so important. Process and Culture go hand in hand, and one without the other will simply not work.

Safety drives business results—the safer Mount Anvil is, the more successful we will be - Safety Never Stops!


Health & Safety is still viewed by many outsiders as a negative, too much red tape, slows work down. We at Mount Anvil know this is not the case and are actively striving to change this belief.

We know that Health & Safety can be dynamic, innovative and hugely valuable, and we are passionate about finding ways to measure and communicate the positive impacts of safe systems and processes.

Partnering with a software company to build a web-based reporting system allowing contractors to easily log hazards and obtain trend data from their phone.

We make hazard reporting competitive and run leagues with our subcontractors. We incentivise great performance in Health & Safety with prizes and awards.

'Spot it, Fix it, Log it' is our latest campaign focussed on hazard reporting and engaging the hearts and minds of the operatives on the ground.

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