Safety Never Stops

Mount Anvil is about world class Health & Safety that goes beyond mere legal compliance - safety that never stops.

It's in our DNA

Safety Never Stops is the core of Mount Anvil’s Health & Safety brand. It is a belief that is the foundation of who we are, how we work, and what we strive to build and maintain: a business that looks after its people, and where there is no likelihood of a serious accident.

Our brand reinforces the behavioural principles of proactive Health & Safety Management - we believe that it is socially unacceptable to allow a culture of neglect and complacency that will lead to an accident.

Our Health & Safety culture is company-wide, but emphasises the personal responsibilities and benefits of observing safe practices. In this way it is a culture driven both from above by management and from below by employees across Mount Anvil. Process and culture are inextricably linked; without each other, neither would work. 


High standards

Health & Safety is about respect—for the individual, for the work we do, and for the risks inherent in the construction industry. We believe in a positive, proactive attitude to safety built around support, education, and a relentless shared drive to maintain the highest standards.

We develop innovative method to increase efficiency and productivity while encouraging a common-sense approach to Health & Safety.

We understand that planning is an essential part of ensuring that risks are controlled in a proactive manner.

We continuously strive to be the best at what we can be, ensuring that we deliver excellence in all aspects of Health & Safety.

Management & Training

A key part of our culture is having managers on site who actively engage their workforce around Health & Safety and are seen as inspiration for others.

To ensure we continue to deliver excellence our workforce undertake rigorous, regular training to maintain best practice and competence across a number of specific requirements - this allows us to constantly improve and evolve.




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