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Mount Anvil - HSE Video.

In this film, senior leaders from Mount Anvil describe how we manage health and safety and why it is so important to our business.


Dust is far more dangerous than anyone really gives it credit for. It’s the hidden killer. Everyone is aware and conscious to the risks that asbestos faces workers but many other types of dust cause very similar debilitating conditions. This video looks into the dangers of dust and the different types of preventative measures which not all of them are as good as you may think.

Asleep or Awake

The reticular activating system (RAS), or extrathalamic control modulatory system, is a set of connected nuclei in our brains that is responsible for regulating wakefulness and sleep-wake transitions. This bridge can be crossed during everyday life when we become over familiar with items and therefore become blind to them. This video looks at how we can become blind it items and how this can be potentially dangerous when out on a construction site.

Working at Height

This is the first case study to be published by Mount Anvil looking into the offset of risks when looking at Unitised cladding as modern methods of construction. This study shows clear links between processes and when a process is substituted the risk gets transferred.

Gavin Barwell Visit to Mount Anvil at Keybridge 9th March 2017

The Minister of State for Housing and Planning, and Minister for London, Gavin Barwell, visited Mount Anvil’s National Skills Academy for Construction yesterday, based at Keybridge in Vauxhall, meeting the apprentices that will become the construction workforce of the future.

Psychometric Testing

Anna Keen, (Founding Director, Acre Frameworks) and Simon Walker (Mount Anvil, Health & Safety Director), introduce the benefits of business coaching in a creating a engaging, innovative and safer working environment.

How can you prevent thousands of accidents every year?

How would you like to stop thousands of accidents every year? Far too many organisations focus on near misses. The result is often a knee jerk response; short term measures are put in place to prevent that specific near miss happening again. After a while old habits will creep back and the onsite safety tends to be a peaks and troughs performance. The challenge for an organisation is to change its thinking on hazards.


As leaders our values, beliefs and our actions reflect our companies and the people around us. We are all leaders, leading a subcontract business, leading a team of workers on site or leading people who visit site.
Leaders fail when they don’t lead by example; with complete commitment in being true to the Mount Anvil values. Structure, rules and procedures are visible, that’s the easy part, but it’s the culture and the soul of our business that are far less easy to demonstrate. They are key to how effectively your company works.
Our number one business goal, it’s not profit, it’s not turnover or number of flats we build, it’s very clearly our H and S record.
Our number one business goal: A business where there is no likelihood of a serious accident.

Believe What We Believe

Health and safety gets a lot of bad press, there are a lot of misconceptions; too much red tape and paperwork, it slows the job down, office workers banned from putting up Christmas decorations, banning conkers in school, all of that might help lazy ignorant journalists sell newspapers but it is simply not the case!

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks give quick but short boosts of energy, however shortly after this sudden surge of productivity energy levels drop and working on site becomes dangerous. Please watch this video for more information on our challenge to reduce the intake of them on our site. 

Hazard Walks

Hazard Walks Campaign. 

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