The Money Doctor

The Money Doctor

One study by the independent states that the top cause of stress, 30% of all people was money. The guardian stated that you are you are two pay packets from the streets. Add to this people being paid weekly and the fluctuating economic world with Brexit etc. mental stress could not be higher.

We offer free money health checks by our independent confidential financial advisor. Our money doctor visits sites and offer free 1-2-1 money health checks to any operative on site who wants it.  He also carries out 15-20 briefing sessions on insurance and budgeting, the more common areas and then specific 1-2-1 session with the operatives.

Money is often a taboo subject, the way to manage money is never formally taught in education and is often learnt, also no one likes to talk about how much they earn or how they manage money, but the truth is that we often aren’t great at managing our money and could all manage it better but are too proud to ask for help. Also, to add to this, operatives are paid weekly so end up living very hand to mouth therefore the problem is amplified.

Some quote from operatives who have used the service:

“I think this service should be available to people in our industry”

“Highly needed service in construction industry. More staff should be aware of this!”

We had one operative who was in such a bad way he was on the verge of loosing his house, the roof over this guys head was about to be taken away. Think about this ability to act in a safe manner on site with those stresses running through his mind? You can have all the procedures in the world, all the behavioral coaching, but those personal stresses and it doesn’t matter who you are you’ll be distracted.

Please follow this link to view our Money Doctor campaign video. 


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